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Sanders: Bill of Economic Rights

Amazing article over on by Marjorie Cohn.  This one I feel is a must read.  This could actually help turn things around for working Americans. The article explains how we currently have a system of “corporate socialism” benefiting only the rich and how a “democratic socialism” system would better meet the needs of the…

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Gigs And Slaves

Powerful piece over at truthout, ‘The Gig Economy’ Is the New Term for Serfdom by Chris Hedges. In it, the Pulitzer Prize winning Hedges argues that the so-called Gig Economy is just another means by which capitalism, and capitalists, exploit the rest of us. He looks at Lyft and Uber and other such companies to…

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An Activist Media Needed

Fascinating article over on Truthout this week. Maya Schenwar, the pub’s editor-in-chief, argues in A Call to the Media: Let’s Go Beyond “Preserving Democracy” argues that news media needs to go beyond the traditional role of “defending democracy,” and actually start trying to build democracy. This position is a bit startling. For long generations, the…

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