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Tweet: Dotard Done Right

Warning. You will not be able to unsee this. But it is worth it.   Finally! Someone suggested a Snapchat filter to make the DOTARD tolerable and you know, they aren’t wrong! #trump #trumpwall #moot #moat #TrumpMeltdown pic.twitter.com/Z4gmF8cnO5 — Colleen McNamara ☘️ (@cmcubfan) October 2, 2019

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Could The Fab Four Save Us?

From Twitter: Serious question. Is there any chance the four surviving Presidents could stand together and address the nation, on prime time tv, about the risks every American faces by keeping Trump in office? Standing together. Carter, W, Bill Clinton, Obama. #TrumpMeltdown — Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) October 2, 2019

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Tweet: We Are All Finland

We are all the President of Finland this week. #TrumpMeltdown #TrumpImpeachment pic.twitter.com/AvGxrgKxGk — BoldChild (@BoldChild66) October 3, 2019

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