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Restore Democracy!

If we want to play divisive Russian politics, let’s debate this one:  Restore Democracy as anything else is un-American.  Here’s a hint a true patriot will choose team America over team Fumbleruski.  Our forefathers never intended for this country to be a foreign influenced fascist corporate kleptocracy, that is very clear. The good news for…

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Miller’s Racist Views Exposed

From Southern Poverty Law Center, To think this man is a Senior Policy Advisor to the installed Russian puppet some refer to as the “president” of the United States. Trump seems to be overcompensating for his “grape” sized smaller member according to that Russian prostitute.  Miller seems to be overcompensating from having a face…

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From Russia With Trump

Absolutely true… Trump is a Russian asset, a mob money launderer installed by his mob whoremasters to sow chaos and weaken the US & our allies. EVERY SINGLE THING HE’S DONE since taking office is to achieve those purposes—that and to enrich himself personally. [THREAD] — Greg Olear (@gregolear) November 21, 2018  

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And it begins…Impeachment Hearings

And so it begins. Impeachment inquiry hearings are now under way in Washington. This is not impeachment, of course, but it is the first step toward that process. If nothing else, we can hope that what will be learned over the next few weeks will finally convince even his supporters to abandon him.   From…

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