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“MAUBLA” for the Brainwashed Right

I live in a very left leaning place, Hawaii, so it is interesting to see the cultural contrast when transplants are here supporting the far right. Maybe there’s an underground tunnel from Kentucky to here. And quite possibly these are the only people that know which rocks to crawl out from under. I say this…

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Some Threatened Whites Support Fascism

It’s well known that some Trump supporters see themselves as a threatened racial “minority majority.” White people are becoming an ever smaller part of the American population, and that frankly terrifies these people. Now, a recent study has shown that such individuals are also increasingly less supportive of democracy. Writing in the Intellectualist, Jake Thomas…

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You say Snowflake, I say Survivor

By Michele Gabriel Perception  – the way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. I start with defining perception because I believe the value of perception is underestimated.  Trying to make sense of how our country got to this divided state of angry, name-calling judgers is maddening.  You see, I know a lot…

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