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But Is It Possible?

For the past two days, I’ve been writing about the Left and how it needs to, somehow, woo the Deplorables away from Trump. But is that really possible? I am now looking at some photos of Trump supporters at one of his rallies. They scream. They yell. They gesture obscenely. Their faces are twisted up…

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Crafting A Deplorable Message

Yesterday, I wrote about how Progressives might need to somehow appeal to at least some of the voters who currently support Trump. I need to add something to that. Specifically, I am now struck by the fact that the Progressive Left has done many things well, but explaining its advantages to the Deplorables who support…

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The Trump Effect

At one time, I couldn’t understand why some people couldn’t understand certain things, even when they were thoroughly explained or quite obvious. It took someone with a doctorate in psychology to explain to me that half the people out there have below average intelligence.  So I guess we could also say half the people out there…

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“MAUBLA” for the Brainwashed Right

I live in a very left leaning place, Hawaii, so it is interesting to see the cultural contrast when transplants are here supporting the far right. Maybe there’s an underground tunnel from Kentucky to here. And quite possibly these are the only people that know which rocks to crawl out from under. I say this…

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