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“Don’t Rain On My Toupee”

Need a break from the relentless grind of Bad News about the Der Drumpf? Want a quick and satisfying laugh? Well, check out the parody song stylings of Sandy and Richard Riccardi.  For years, the talented couple has amused audiences with their comic, apolitical performances (check out their take on an annoying Christmas letter at…

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We’ve written about the Parody Pr0ject before. It is a talented musical group that takes on Trump and the Right with the powerful tunes and dead-on comedy. Here, in one of their most recent works, they take on the recent illicit GOP “win” in Georgia.  

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Thoughts & Prayers To Less Is Moore

Having a bad day? Need a short derisive chortle to restore your sense of wellbeing? We’ve got one. ArtMofo (@Art_Mofo) is a Trump parody account on Instagram. And Mr. Mofo, whoever s/he is or isn’t, has recently read that Roy Moore…remember him? The pistol-packing GOP candidate with a taste for teens? …is in financial need.…

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