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What’s Happened To Us?

From CNN: The world wonders what’s happened to America Well, world, we’re not too sure, either. One night, we went to bed in the United States, and the next morning we work up in a Fascist dictatorship run by gun-worshiping fanatics.

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Trickle Up Economics

Here’s an economic policy that would actually work.  How about the people at the top stop pissing on people below them and telling them it’s raining and start dealing in the world of actual economics and not fantasy.   When workers or even retirees are paid a decent wage that allows them to actually be…

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Trump Property Investigated?

We know that Trump properties are regularly using undocumented workers, the very people Trump and his enablers are making public enemy number one. But there haven’t been too many raids on Trump worksites by ICE folks. So, how come border control people aren’t making more of an effort to enforce the law? Well, according to…

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Global Warming: The Pavement Can Now Burn You

While the Right continues to claim that global warming isn’t real, the University of Nevada just ran this piece — Study: Sizzling Southwest Summers Can Cause Pavement Burns in Seconds. “When temperatures throughout the sizzling Southwestern U.S. climb to over 100 degrees, the pavement can get hot enough to cause second-degree burns on human skin…

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American Jews Arrested For Protesting Concentration Camps

Never thought I’d see the day in America on American soil where Jews would be arrested for protesting concentration camps.  And yet here we are sinking to new lows as the Trump Administration tries and drags us as a nation through their racist and hateful quagmire.   It’s harder to ideologically subvert a group that…

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Anne Frank Remembered

Of the eight people that hid in the Annex for over 2 years.  Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank was the only one that survived the concentration camps until the end of the war.  He returned and found Anne’s diary.  I believe many Americans now more than ever could use a refresher course in fascism and…

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