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Steel Collar Workers


It is one more pernicious myths of the Trumpian Right that “illegal immigrants” are stealing jobs from “real Americans.” The reality, of course, is that jobs weren’t there to be stolen. Long ago, CEOs, MBAs, and Corporations sent them overseas–that is, to places like China, where labor costs were low and unions were non-existent. The…

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Meme: The Trump Cult

When someone chooses belief over evidence, we have a cult…and a problem.   Editor’s note: readers may have missed several stories that were posted to LR Net during the brief period when we were off the air. That being case, we will be reposting them over the next few days. This is one such story.

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What Happens If He Won’t Go?

There is an intriguing article over on The Intercept you may want to check out, Yes, Let’s Defeat or Impeach Donald Trump. But What If He Refuses to Leave the White House?, by Mehdi Hasan. In it, Hasan asks what we’re going to do if Trump simply refuses to yield to the vote and won’t…

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Flash: Atlantic Says Impeach 45

News Flash: Okay folks. Things may be starting to get real. This month, The Atlantic did a cover story calling for the impeachment of tRump. While, of course, some of us have been calling for that all along, and The Atlantic is a pretty liberal publication, still, this is serious. For a magazine as venerable…

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Of Such Things Dictatorships Are Made

One of the strangest movies ever made in Hollywood was Gabriel Over The White House (1933), which basically called for some sort of Fascism in America. (Among its financial backers was William Randolph Hearst, which will tell you something if you know anything about his history. Think Citizen Kane.)   But, the premise of the…

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Radio Marti Smears Soros

Radio Marti, the official US media operation originally developed to broadcast news and information into Cuba, has become embroiled in a serious scandal. In recent months, the TV, Radio, and Internet outlet has broadcast propaganda attacking George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and prominent critic of Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post, Soros was described…

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Is 45 A Speed Freak?

Okay, this is seriously creepy. The online magazine, The HillReporter, says that “A comedian who worked on the set of Celebrity Apprentice and at beauty contests with Donald Trump says that the president used to snort crushed Adderall pills and invite female beauty pageant contestants up to his room in exchange for a win.” The…

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George H.W. Bush – rest in peace

From The Editor’s Desk December 1, 2018     As you know, George H.W. Bush passed on recently—specifically on November 30. He will be missed, and at least in my opinion he was a good and decent man. What has been interesting to me, though, is how much the public has expressed real grief at…

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