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Nobody Is Above The Law

Yesterday, Trump fired Jeff Sessions and installed Matthew G. Whitaker, a bullet-headed lackey, in his place. This is obviously an attempt to derail the Russia investigation. “Not so fast,” says the progressive group MoveOn. “Nobody is above the law!” And MoveOn is sponsoring hundreds of demonstrations around the country to protest the move. If you’re interested…

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The Newest Deal!

I thought about what realistically this country needs to help put it back on track. What came to mind was ‘The Newest Deal’. To actually move this country forward ‘The Newest American Deal’ should include all of these components: A firm commitment that the government was established to work for “We the People”. Outlawing lobbying…

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Fuck Cheetolini and the “Red Congress”

At least Mussolini had some charisma, Trump has the mannerisms/social skills of a spiteful orangutan with dementia… I mean come on America. Is this really the best we can do? It’s time to dig a little deeper. It’s quite simple actually Trump is following the fascist playbook. Commit as many scandals as possible, marginalize as…

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We Must Defend Amazon

You read that right. We have to defend Amazon with all our strength. Why? Well, go have a look at a recent article in the New York Times, Michelle Goldberg’s The Autocrats’ Playbook. She makes a fascinating argument, which is almost certainly on the money. Here’s the deal: dictators hate free expression and criticism. Trump…

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