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“Thoughts and Prayers” – An Obituary

“Thoughts and Prayers” Found Dead,  World Completely Unfazed by Bette Blackwell The world reacted with a total lack of surprise at the announcement of the expected and entirely timely demise of the phrase, “Thoughts and prayers”. The cause of death was massive overuse. The first use of the phrase, most often stated as “(Our/my) thoughts and prayers…

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Thoughts & Prayers To Less Is Moore

Having a bad day? Need a short derisive chortle to restore your sense of wellbeing? We’ve got one. ArtMofo (@Art_Mofo) is a Trump parody account on Instagram. And Mr. Mofo, whoever s/he is or isn’t, has recently read that Roy Moore…remember him? The pistol-packing GOP candidate with a taste for teens? …is in financial need.…

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