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Brexit: The Long And Winding Apocalypse

Perhaps the best metaphor for Brexit comes from my countryman Neil Gaiman, who wrote a comic series in the late 1980s called Sandman. There are, in the Sandman mythos, seven eternal beings. Death, Desire, Dreams, Destuction, Destiny, Despair, and Delerium. When a mad occultist attempts to summon and capture Death in order to make humanity…

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Flash: May Survives…sort of

News Flash: Theresa May survived a vote of no-confidence. There had been some question of this after her historic defeat on a Brexit deal. However, as John Cassidy points out in the New Yorker, that’s not necessarily good news for the people of the UK. May’s government remains in place, and remains as incapable of…

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Flash: May Suffers Historic Defeat

Britain’s PM, Theresa May, suffered an historic defeat on Tuesday when MPs rejected her Brexit deal by almost two to one. Analysts are suggesting this could be the end of her PMship. The question is what it will do to Brexit.        

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