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tRump Shifts Money From Military To Wall

Disturbing article over on the Hive, Vanity Fair’s online political site. In Trump’s New Border Plan: Make the Military Pay for the Wall, The Pentagon is diverting money from bona fide defense systems to fund a largely ineffective border wall. What could go wrong?, Eric Lutz looks at how the Orange One is moving money…

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Trump’s stupid border wall

Editor’s Note: Our friend William Albee recently received this email from New Mexico’s new Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham. He thinks we should share it as widely as possible.   William, let me be clear about one thing: There is no national security crisis at our southern border. But President Trump continues to insist otherwise.…

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Where is Trump’s Border Security Study?

In a previous blog piece I wrote titled “How Nancy Can Secure The Border And Stop Trump From Declaring An Emergency,” I said border barrier money needs to be tied to a Border Security Study to be completed by DHS. I later discovered that Trump mandated just such a study early in 2017. Did that…

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We Need New People!

A while back we did a piece on how the United States, like all the nations of the Western World, needs immigrants, and more of them. (See We Need Immigrants…NOW). Developed, post-industrial nations are strikingly infertile. Quite simply, highly educated, high earning, career-oriented women have a lot more interesting things to do than change diapers. So,…

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Flash: Trump Preparing National Emergency For Wall

News Flash: CNN is reporting that the Trump’s White House is preparing a national emergency order to fund The Wall. The report says that the order will specify $7 billion for The Wall’s construction. It is not clear whether Trump will get his Wall, even with the order, but clearly things could be heating up…

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A Win-Win Solution to Border Security – A Liberal’s Proposal

By William Albee The Democrats are winning the blame game, but they are not acting in the best interests of the American people regarding security along our Southern border. Trump and his Administration yes-men and women have presented zero credible evidence to support the construction of even a single foot of new border wall. The…

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