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Trump’s Tax Returns NOW!

Trump has been steadfastly refusing to provide his tax returns to the American public. Instead, he has offered financial disclosures, which show that he does, indeed, have a whole lot of money. Or do they? CNN recently ran an interesting article that asked that very question. In Here’s proof that Donald Trump’s claim about financial…

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Mnuchin Will Put ‘Em…wherever

Bess Levin has one of her well-written, amusing, and thoughtful pieces over on Vanity Fair’s Hive this month. Check out Mnuchin Will Hide Trump’s Tax Returns Where the Sun Don’t Shine If He Has To. In it, she argues that Mnuchin, Trump’s favorite Munchkin, will eat a bullet (or do something even worse) before he…

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Newsweek Says Mueller Has NRA’s Tax Records

You do recall how the NRA’s spokes-creature Dana Loesch said back  in 2016 that journalists are “the rat bastards of the earth” and that she would be “happy, frankly, to see them curb-stomped”?  And remember how after the shootings in Annapolis at the Capital Gazette the NRA didn’t exactly rush up and express a lot…

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