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“Disaster” In Syria

Just what we all expected …damn him! From Business Insider: Disaster is unfolding in Syria as videos emerge of US allies being slaughtered and hundreds of ISIS prisoners escape during airstrikes Thank you Donald Trump.

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Trump Is Responsible For This

The video here is horrible. Trump has blood on his hands.     View this post on Instagram   Posted @withrepost • @sistahsofine2 This is hard to watch there are subtitles. This mother is holding her dead child. This is what Trump has done he was the first domino to fall. #Repost @kurdishlivesmattertoo ・・・ look…

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This Is What Trump Did

If you still support Donald Trump, there’s blood on your hands.   This blood is on Trump and all the Republicans who refused to stop him. — Amanda Blount 🌊 (@amandablount2) October 10, 2019

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This Dead Child Is Trump’s Fault

From Twitter… This murder of a child is due to Trump…pure and simple.   This Kurdish child is dead because of @realDonaldTrump and his pathetic GOP enablers in Congress. For shame. 💔#TrumpGenocide — Jon Cooper (@joncoopertweets) October 10, 2019

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The Horror In Kurdistan!

From Instagram…     View this post on Instagram   I tweeted this last night and honestly wasn’t expecting this response. . . For everyone that’s been so supportive, thank you for your kind messages. . . Right now, families are trapped between bomb strikes and conflict. All we can do in diaspora is make…

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