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Blundering Our Way To Hell

By Michael Jay Tucker So, I read something short but significant the other day. It was just a few lines, really. Not even a full paragraph. But powerful… and terrible… all the same. Something that hints at our destruction. The passage in question is from Steven Simon’s essay, “Powder Keg In Syria,” in the current…

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Der Drumpf Finally Notices Chem-War In Syria

Syria’s current government under Assad, with the help and protection of Putin’s Russia, has been eagerly using chemical weapons against rebel forces and, increasingly, civilians. It seems that Trump has finally noticed that fact. Daniel Politi, writing in Slate, notes that the most recent Syrian atrocity was particularly horrific, “Doctors and rescue workers in Syria…

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Russian Spokeswoman Says Dead People Just Resting

Okay, well, that title is actually an over-statement. But, one hopes that readers will recall the Monty Python skit where the pet shop owner assures his customers that the stuffed parrot isn’t dead… merely resting. The serious issue, though, is that last month a number of lightly armed Russian mercenaries attacked an American position in…

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No, Russians Really Attacked Us

Once again, the Trumpian Right gets straight A’s for pure, unadulterated, and almost magical stupidity. In February, a group of Russian mercenaries attacked an American base in Syria …and were almost wiped out. The Russians went in with automatic rifles, the Americans replied with artillery and air strikes. That much is known. It’s a fact.…

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Syrian War Gets Hot

News outlets are reporting that Israel launched a major air strike into Syrian territory yesterday and last night. Details remain very sketchy, but apparently Israel launched the attack in retaliation for the downing of one of its jets from Syrian anti-aircraft fire. According to the Washington Post and BBC, among other outlets, the confrontation began…

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