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Call For A Cyberforce

A short while ago, my friend (and Liberal Resistance’s founder) Matt Blanchfield posed an interesting question. To wit, why is Trump proposing a space force, when the real and obvious need right at the moment is some sort of organization that could oppose Russia’s attack on our institutions and moral well being via the Internet.…

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Star Wars Meets Star Bore: A Very Funny Video

Looking for some relief from the constant stream of bad news that is the Trump Administration? Well, here’s something fun. A while back, sixteen-year-old actress Rory Nicole Ogden teamed up with producer/director Dana Olita and video editor Armin Nasseri to create a very funny, and very good parody of Star Wars, with Donald Trump rather…

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Support This Petition To Keep Families Together

We don’t usually publicly support petition drives, even if (or particularly if) they are headed up by celebrities. But, this time, we’re going to make an exception. Natalie Portman, she of Star Wars and much else, is promoting a petition to stop the separation of children from their parents by Trump’s thugs at the border.…

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