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Mars Is Not The Answer

From Inverse: “Unexpected Potential Problems” Predicted for Travelers to Mars and Beyond One of the reasons given for the colonization of Mars is that that planet could support human life if we ever muck up earth. The reality, though, is getting to Mars, much less living there, would be hard. We’ll probably manage it eventually,…

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Rover Art…And A Tear

People’s reactions to the “death” of the Mars Rover Opportunity were surprisingly strong. Just as a final note on the story, here are some of the memes that appeared on the web after the little robot’s final message. Now, if we could just get people to feel as strongly about, you know, people…   But…

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Space Force and Spending

As I’m sure most of you heard this past June, President Trump proposed the U.S. start a “Space Force” to protect U.S. assets in space. What most of you probably didn’t realize is that, yes, the President was serious. He actually wants to make a 6th branch of the U.S. military dedicated to space. This…

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