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It Is Possible!

This article is in response to a series of articles written recently by Michael Jay Tucker on  In ‘Crafting A Deplorable Message‘ Tucker wrote” “Yesterday, I wrote about how Progressives might need to somehow appeal to at least some of the voters who currently support Trump. I need to add something to that. “Specifically,…

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Shoring Up Social Security

Currently individuals only pay social security taxes on the first $132,900 earned in 2019.   It is my understanding that Social Security would be totally solvent long term if there was no maximum taxable earnings.  That may not happen; however, I do want to suggest something that could easily happen.   If I were to design…

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Don’t let Trump cut Social Security

Maybe it is the fact that I grew up in a small town in rural Iowa, but as a kid I remember being taught lessons about “The right way to treat other people.”  As many things may be legal to do but they still fall outside of the concept of “The right way to treat…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

And from around the web … Powerful oped piece over in the New York Times this week, The Boys Are Not All Right by Michael Ian Blackfed. He argues that America’s boys have been damaged by changing circumstances and until they, too, have a movement like feminism to liberate manhood and offer “full expression” to…

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