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Why Did Facebook Fail?

Check out this article over on the Verge, Facebook owes us an explanation  by T.C. Sottek. What happened was that Facebook went mysteriously down on 13 March.  But, notes Sottek, as of press time, Facebook was keeping pretty mum about why. That’s a problem, he says, because Facebook has become one of the central means…

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Facebook is the Borg

An enormous number people around the world have opted to join Facebook and other social media, probably because it was new (at one point) and “FREE” and allowed people to connect over long distances. However, it is no longer the same.  Facebook now limits and controls what and who people are allowed to see.  Most…

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Brilliant Book About Putin (And Trump) And Their Minions

There is a powerful book by Clint Watts that everyone should read. Entitled, Messing With The Enemy, it looks at how Putin, Trump, and other enemies of human life have used social media to kill democracy. If you don’t have time to read the book, then definitely take a moment to watch this video. It…

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