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Holy Sh*t!

From the Department of Holy Gawdamn Shit… The New York Times is reporting that “The Justice Department charged two former Twitter employees on Wednesday with exploiting their access to the company’s internal systems to help Saudi Arabia, raising questions about the security of technology companies as they grapple with scrutiny for spreading disinformation and influencing…

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Cybersecurity For 2019

As we enter new year, we all should consider our cybersecurity. Our computers and our links to the web are increasingly vital to our lives. But in an age of Russian Trolls and Republican Hackers, it is good idea to review your security precautions at least once each 12 months. To that end, there is…

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Jared Kushner: Security Risk?

Here’s a question, why isn’t anybody concerned about the fact Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, can’t seem to get his security clearance? He’s been working at the White House, probably seeing a lot of classified material, but as of press time, he still doesn’t have the security rating that ought to go with his position. In…

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