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by Virtual Reality2, Marc Keyser host and commentator Fox News has become President Donald J. Trump’s State Propaganda platform fawning over Trump, lying incessantly for him, and attacking people who are opposed. If we are to successfully undermine the Trump regime, we must first deconstruct Fox News and shut them down. Trump would not have…

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BOYCOTT The Fox News Propaganda Machine

by Marc Keyser, author of     i Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s propagandist, just as Sean Hannity is Trump’s propagandist. The only difference between the two is the blue Trump neck tie. What is Propaganda? Propaganda is this litany of sick ideas, fake facts, and false allegations spread deliberately by Trump and his followers…

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Force Fox To Fire Hannity and Ingraham

BOYCOTT FOX NEWS ADVERTISER “MY PILLOW.”   By Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.Blog Fox News host Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle attacked Parkland student, David Hogg, and he fired back with a boycott of Fox News advertisers. In the aftermath of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on…

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For The Fox Of It

By Burt Gretzinger To hear Sean Hannity tell it, he’s done nothing wrong, of late. There isn’t anything seedy or corrupt about his vehement defense of the President when (it has emerged) he and the president share the same seedy and corrupt lawyer. Not only has Sean Hannity not, say, completely violated journalistic ethics, but…

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