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No Wang: A Seriously Painful Good Idea

Alicia Norman is our resident filmmaker and animator here at She’s also a musician, a freelance writer, a wife and mother, and a whole bunch of other things besides. She is also a feminist, and she is not 100% thrilled with the annoying habit of some men sexually harassing women and then afterwards claiming…

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Freedom City: Chapter IV

Editor’s Note: We now present the next excerpt from Philip Becnel’s new satirical novel, Freedom City. Just to remind you, in the book he envisions a fascistic post-Trump America. But, fortunately, a band of merry monkey wrenchers sets out to defend democracy. This week, we are giving you chapter 4, which is (alas) the last…

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“Thoughts and Prayers” – An Obituary

“Thoughts and Prayers” Found Dead,  World Completely Unfazed by Bette Blackwell The world reacted with a total lack of surprise at the announcement of the expected and entirely timely demise of the phrase, “Thoughts and prayers”. The cause of death was massive overuse. The first use of the phrase, most often stated as “(Our/my) thoughts and prayers…

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Trump Vs. Aliens: A Trip Into Pure Nuttiness

Okay, have you had it up to there with right wing nutcases going on, and on, and on about their favorite conspiracy theories? Absolutely exasperated by their nonsensical babbling about Illuminati, UFOs, Multiverses, Baby-Eating Lizard People in rubber human suits…? Us, too. However, we’ve got with us today a satirical writer who can give ‘em…

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Freedom City 3:

Origins III: Joseph Kaline By Philip Becnel Editor’s Note: Readers will recall that we are running four excerpts from Philip Becnel’s new satirical novel, Freedom City. In it, Becnel envisions a post-Trump America that is a little too much like something out of Orwell. Fortunately, he also envisions a band of merry pranksters who plan…

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Prologue: The Aftermath – from Freedom City

Editor’s Note: This week we begin something new. LR Net is happy to present several excerpts from a new satirical novel, Freedom City, by Philip Becnel. By turns funny and furious, the book takes a delightfully savage look at a near future America in which Trump has gone, but his toxic legacy remains. Fortunately, a…

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