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Alex Jones’ Really Bad Month

Alex (InfoWars) Jones is having a really bad month. First,  the FDA has announced that it will be a lot more zealous in the regulation of food supplements. And, guess what? It turns out that Jones makes most of his money from sales of just such supplements. The right-wing, conspiracy-laden, bat-sh*t crazy politics is just…

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Infowars Gets The Boot

It’s nice, now and then, in this crazy time, to get a little good news. So, if your Monday hasn’t been stellar, and you need a smile, check this out: Alex Jones and his Infowars have been dropped by Apple, Facebook, and Youtube. All three said that he violated their policies about hate speech. Of…

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Mars Attacks, Jones Doesn’t Notice

Okay, that headline’s not strictly true. But you did notice, I’m sure, that Alex Jones—he of InfoWars, conspiracy theories, paranoid rants, and Sandy Hook “Truthers”— predicted that Liberals and Democrats were going to start a Civil War on July 4, 2018. It didn’t happen. Just in case you had any doubts. But, you can rest…

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Suing Mr. Jones

By Michael Jay Tucker So I read the other day that three of the parents whose children died at Sandy Hook are suing Alex Jones, he of InfoWars, and the man who first widely promoted the appalling falsehood that it was all a “false flag operation,” that the dead were merely crisis actors, and that…

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Reality Bites.

According to conventional wisdom, it’s a wise man who admits he knows nothing. Whilst this may indeed be a mark of wisdom and self-awareness, it’s also the mark of a man who is completely out of his depth and floundering around for any sort of an answer. So it is with Donald Trump, who reportedly…

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