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Who’s Guarding the Pigeon Coop?

image source   Marc Keyser, The day after the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives, Trump abruptly fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed Matthew Whitaker, a Trump loyalist, to run the FBI and oversee the Trump-Russia investigation. That’s problematic. That’s like putting the python in charge of a pigeon coup to…

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The Robots are Coming… The Robots are coming…


You may ask yourself what does automation have to do with progressive or liberal policy and the answer is EVERYTHING going forward. Look currently how many people have been economically forced into jobs like Uber or Lyft?  Ask around and don’t be surprised to find the person hauling you around town might have an advanced…

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Kavanugh: Secret Weapon

The Trump administration is expecting to get sued over its strident anti-immigrant policies, but NBC is reporting that White House is confident of winning any court fight now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. Julia Ainsley reports that the White House actually worked on an immigration plan that was certain to be unacceptable…

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Trump Is A Distraction

Powerful video of Noam Chomsky explaining why Trump is really just a distraction. His job is to keep people from noticing how the rich and the powerful are creating a dictatorship in America.  

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The Two Dictatorships In America

There’s an interesting article over on the Foreign Affairs website, After Democracy: What Happens When Freedom Erodes? By Dan Slater ( In it, Slater argues that there are two probable outcomes when a democratic government withers. The first is illiberal democracy, which is when a populist tyrant comes to power with the support of “the…

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Georgia: “incompetence or corruption”

One thing that Midterm elections proved was that the GOP would go to just about any length to win, no matter how much foul plan was involved. The classic case of that was Georgia, where voter suppression seemed to become an art form under the direction of Brian Kemp. Stories of long lines at polling…

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