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Trump’s YUGE Secret Revealed!

From Russian oligarch bombshell would ‘make impeachment proceedings absolutely inevitable’: NBC analyst It does seem quite possible that the “skeleton key” that unlocks the finances of our current president is he has had a Russian Oligarch, close to Putin, cosign for all of his Deutsche Bank loans.  Our current president could be permanently indebted…

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Monopoly Capitalism Hurts American Military

From the American Conservative: America’s Monopoly Crisis Hits the Military, Wall Street’s short-term incentives have decimated our defense industrial base and undermined our national security by Matt Stoller and Lucas Kunce It seems that monopoly capitalism is undermining even the military. And this is from the American Conservative, no less. Not some liberal snowflakes like…

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The Alps Are Melting

From The Independent: Lake discovered 11,000ft high in the Alps, in ‘truly alarming’ sign of climate change But global warming is a myth, right? Der Trumpenfuehrer told us so.

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