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We sort of expected this

We investigated Lindsey Graham and we found exactly what we thought we would: Evidence outlining Graham’s links to Russian oil money. Let’s make it viral. — Scott Dworkin (@funder) November 22, 2019

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#MoscowMitch And Russian Money

From Politico: Ex-McConnell staffers lobbied on Russian-backed Kentucky project, “Democrats are pushing the Trump administration to review the project, and they say McConnell indirectly helped facilitate it.” But of course we’d never want to suggest that #MoscowMitch was in fact a Russian asset. Nah. Heaven forbid.

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Russians Hacked :-)

From Forbes: Russia’s Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: ‘Largest Data Breach In Its History’ by Zak Doffman Well, now, here’s an interesting turn-about. Wonder what we’ll learn.

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Reality Winner: Revisited

I read a recent report over on CNN about Reality Winner, and I’m now left with even more questions. According to her mother she is being intimidated and denied any access to the media. She was sent to prison for 5 years for leaking one classified document from the NSA in 2016 to an American journalist showing…

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The NRA, A Clear and Present Danger

The last few weeks have proven what we all suspected: the National Rifle Association is a serious problem. Not because of guns, specifically, but because it appears to be shot through (no pun intended) with foreign agents. It looks more and more as if the group is not really in the business of promoting, however…

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