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Russia: Business As Usual

The problem with conspiracy theories is that the world is, broadly speaking, exactly the way it seems to the average person. This was hammered home recently when the Russian government attempted to assassinate a former KGB mole in the UK. There are people out there who would have you believe that the nefarious Russians would…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

This week, the horrible events at Parkland led the news, of course. Among the many articles on the subject were: It seems that just after the shooting, Russian bots jumped into the fray, posting pro-gun messages across the web. See for example this piece by Erin Griffin in Wired. This is really disturbing. It is…

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Mueller indicts Russians for interfering in elections

Okay, everyone, shit just got real… According to multiple sources, Robert Mueller and the DOJ just charged thirteen Russians with interfering in the US election to help elect der Drumpf. According to the Guardian, “Mueller’s office said 13 Russians and three Russian entities, including the notorious state-backed “troll farm” the Internet Research Agency, had been…

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Russia Nuke A Post-Trump Message

In sum: Russia has leaked the news that it now has a cobalt-salted super-nuclear torpedo that threatens the world. However, it just might be that the “news” has more to do with sending a coded message to Post-Trump America than with any real military threat       1. Superweapon A few mornings back, I…

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Cult of Personality, II

  William B. Turner The reason a cult of personality has grown up around the so called president is that he has actively encouraged it, and because enough people have been dumb enough to fall for it. That he got his initial fame in a “reality TV” show is only part of the problem. Trump…

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