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George Will: Trump’s An “embarrassing wreck”

Three cheers for the honorable men and women on the Right who are taking on Trump after his disgraceful behavior in Helsinki. George Will, for instance, just called ‘em like he saw ‘em and characterized Trump as This sad, embarrassing wreck of a man. In a fierce and honest opinion piece, Will said that we…

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Michael Cohen Docs Fair Game

In the continuing stream of amazing news about Michael Cohen, Der Drumpf’s former lawyer and fixer, we have this tidbit. Some 14,000 of his documents have just been ruled fair game. The prosecutors can use every one of them. And, here’s the kicker, Cohen isn’t appealing that decision. As Business Intelligence reports, “The special master…

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Found Around The Web

We’ve been asking this question ourselves. Is there any ranking Republican out there who isn’t out to betray the country? If so, would they please stand up?

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The Nationalists Lament

“I’ll tell you one thing,” Trump supporters would often declare when asked why they supported their candidate, “he ain’t gonna be going around the world apologising for us like Obama!” Quite when Obama’s “I’m Sorry” tour took place is a piece of information tantalisingly lost to history, but the subtext at least was pretty clear:…

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Trump In Helsinki: Putin’s “Craven Sycophant”

It has been fascinating to watch while the more rational and talented members of the American Right have turned on Trump after his degrading behavior in Finland. For example, writing in Weekly Standard (no liberal rag by any measure) Charles J. Sykes recently took 45 apart. “It seems only moments ago that Republicans derided Barack…

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Drudge…Drudge!…Is Pissed At Trump?

Okay, someone grab the trans-dimensional hotline, phone up Lucifer, and find out if hell’s frozen over. None other than the Drudge Report …the Drudge Report!…is criticizing Trump for the way he behaved in Helsinki with Putin. Writing in Newsweek, Paul Lablanc says that, “The Drudge Report, a conservative news aggregation outlet, did not shy away…

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Martial Law: We Told You So

We really, really, really hate to say this, but we told you so. This week, in the New York Times, Roger Cohen offers a chilling article entitled, Trump’s Road To American Martial Law. In it, he argues that Congress has failed its duty shamefully, that the GOP has become a fascist cult, and that, in…

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Even Conservatives Are Appalled At Trump

Donald Trump’s behavior at Helsinki was grotesque. He was so obviously dominated by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that he did everything short of kiss the man’s feet. And, here is the one hopeful sign about the whole ghastly fiasco, even Conservatives are beginning to be alarmed about it. In rapid succession, the Drudge Report criticized…

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