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Flash: Then What Did You Say, Rudy?

News flash: In a tense CNN interview, 45’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said that he never claimed there was no collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 election. He now says that he said there may have been collusion, but that Trump was not part of it. This is an astonishing statement, and may signal…

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Trump the Almighty

Meghan McCain admits President Donald Trump is acting like a “dictator,” but she blames Democrats for failing to come up with a message to stop him.     Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog Donald Trump is a liar, a pathological liar, he coordinates with the Russians to rig th e election in his favor, he is the…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

There have been an amazing number of fascinating stories on the web this week. That is not a good thing. With Donald Trump in the White House, there is always something insane to report. So, take a moment, and check out some of the following: As we all know now, Trump dissed Justin Trudeau, but…

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Rudy’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Birthday

Ah, Rudy. Poor Rudy. Sad Rudy. You can’t get no respect even on your birthday. Just on the off chance anyone missed the story, it seems that Der Drumpf’s fav mouthpiece, Rudy Giuliani, was at Yankee Stadium, the other day. And he was spotted by the announcer. Who recalled that it was Rudy’s birthday. And…

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