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Saved By The Whistle

***Warning**** RT.com (formerly Russia Today) is the propaganda outlet for the Russian government).   At the bottom of this page is also a link to Edward Snowden discussing the Espionage Act in his own words on The Joe Rogan Experience video podcast.  Under a president like Bernie Sanders, it would be possible for someone like…

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Russian Nukes: Fearful Or Fraudful?

Always consider the News Source.  This is piece of Russian propaganda released by Russian Times on behalf of the Russian Government.  ~ Chris Madsen From rt.com: Russia already HAS weapons that can penetrate ANY missile defense, but their development won’t stop there – Putin Yeah, well, maybe. If Russia felt it had the weapon system…

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Big Story, Scary Source

Below, you will find a video in which the award winning journalist, writer, and social Christian theorist Chris Hedges interviews Richard Wolff, who is among the most important Marxist economists and philosophers of our day. They talk about the decline of American capitalism, and the all too likely demise of American society. Watching it would…

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