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I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll

Editor’s Note: Because you can’t just have politics all the time…   Rock: Its Origins, Nature, and Value By Michael Edward Berumen Rock ‘n’ Roll has many fathers and mothers and a greater number of opinions about who started it all. So naturally, I begin with my observations on its origins. One comes across many…

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USA Singers Trash Trump (Hugely)

Summary: The USA Singers are a new musical group formed to trash Trump and Fascism with the power of music. They produce protest songs based on many different forms of American music, ranging from Rock to Big Band to Jazz. Check out their funny, powerful, and moving music at The USA Singers. Donald Trump has…

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The Los Angeles-based rock group, REBEL RAMPAGE, is known for its hard-hitting protest songs, one of which we covered earlier this year. Now, however, it has released something new, “Immigration Man”, which the group describes as “a modern rock interpretation of the 1972 protest song by Graham Nash.  The story illustrates the hardship and heartache…

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