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Video: Think About Robots Now!

The scary thing is that Andrew Yang is right.  We need to think about automation, now, while there is still time. How will it effect our society and our lives? From Holly Peck:  

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Our Robot Over-Loads

If, when, and how automation might displace the majority of Americans in the work force continues to be under discussion. Recently, there has been serious debate as to whether it will happen at all…or, at least, any time soon. But…well, check out this video from Boston Dynamics. Kinda think the robot invasion is coming. Maybe…

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Banking Automates Away Jobs

Banking looks to be the next industry to try to automate away human beings, and thus transfer money from workers to management. Consider this piece in Gizmodo: ‘Goliath Is Winning’: The Biggest U.S. Banks Are Set to Automate Away 200,000 Jobs by Brian Merchant. For a particularly terrifying line, consider the following, “Over the next…

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The Robots Are Coming

Economic and technological changes were among the factors that put Trump into the White House. Machines do more and more of what used to be considered uniquely human labor. This article from The Atlantic makes that point particularly well. And we still have the problem. Even when we get Trump out of the White House,…

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Why You Need To Worry


One of the reasons that Trump won was that people were afraid of losing their jobs. And they had good reason. If you think your own job “can’t be automated” then look very carefully at this video… And know fear.  

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Trump & The Steel Collar Worker

Trump came to power partly by promising jobs to everyone…at least everyone who was white and a conservative. But the reality is that he can’t and he won’t deliver on that promise. Economics and technology make it impossible for him to do so. Consider this article from Barrons: One Area of the Industrial Economy Is…

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Soon: Killer Robots

From the Atlantic: Coming Soon to a Battlefield: Robots That Can Kill, Tomorrow’s wars will be faster, more high-tech, and less human than ever before. Welcome to a new era of machine-driven warfare. All too soon, we are going to face a revolution in military affairs. Increasingly, fighting…and killing…will be done by machines. And they…

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DARPA Wants An Underground Base?

Okay, this sounds like something out of a Bond movie. According to, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has tweeted that it is seeking underground facilities of unspecified tests. The specific tweet reads as follows, “Attention, city dwellers! We’re interested in identifying university-owned or commercially managed underground urban tunnels & facilities able to…

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Yang Distresses Me

From the Editor’s Desk I am distressed by how often I find myself writing about Andrew Yang, this year’s most inexplicable candidate for President. I don’t think he should be president. He doesn’t have the background for it. He’s a successful high tech CEO, yes, but that really isn’t what you need to be in…

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