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Reich: Watch The States

Robert Reich has a new video out in which he warns us to watch the GOP’s actions in state races. The Republicans hope to use those election to cement their rule.  

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Impeachment is not Enough

Note: The following is not the record of an actual conversation between the author, Marc Keyser, and Robert Reich, the noted public intellectual. Rather, it is a “virtual conversation,” that is, a work of creative non-fiction in which Mr. Keyser envisions how a conversation between himself and Mr. Reich might go. For Mr. Reich’s opinions…

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Robert Reich: Unite And Fight!

Robert Reich has a new and powerful video out, “How to Build Progressive Power,” in which he looks at how we on the Left, as well as the Moderates everywhere, can unite and fight against Trump and Trumpist Fascism. It is definitely worth a view. The video is below. But also remember you can visit…

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