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Yellow Vests Join Forces With Police?

The Yellow Vest protests (or riots) continue unabated. They’ve spread for France to other countries–as far away, in fact, as Taiwan. Though what we are to make of them continues to be something of a mystery. Both the American Left and Right have tried to claim them. Trump and his followers see them as fellow anti-tax…

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Supreme Court = Trump’s B*tch

Powerful and scary article over on Salon that everyone should take a look at: The Supreme Court now works for the Republican party…and this Harvard law professor agrees by Matthew Rozsa. In it, Rosza reports that with Blackout Brett’s confirmation, the Supreme Court just became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party, which is…

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The Next Declaration of Independence

It is July 4, the day on which Americans traditionally celebrate their independence. But, this last year and a half has made some of us question just how free a people we are, and how many of us genuinely want freedom. But, LiberalResistance.Net believes that in spite of appearances to the contrary, the spirit of…

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Editor’s Note: In homage to the Fourth of July, writer Edward Santella envisions the Declaration of Independence as it would be written today.   When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for a sovereign people to assert their Natural and God-given rights and duties in order to preserve the political ideals and…

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A Call To Arms

The Liberty Bell cannot be Un-rung By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog Our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation… that is today imperiled as never before by a dystopian dictator in the White House who collaborated with the Russians to rig the election. Donald Trump is not only our illegitimate President, he is a…

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Violence: When and Where?

I’m not quite sure how to deal with this one, so bear with me. It may take a bit. Background: People ask me what are the acceptable perimeters for writing for Liberal Resistance. I answer that we are open to almost anything and anyone, so long as it is anti-Trump. You can be a liberal,…

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