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Pollster and political analyst Stanley B. Greenberg has a new book out, RIP GOP, How the New America Is Dooming the Republicans. In it, he argues convincingly that changes in America’s demography (immigration), way of life (urbanization), and changes in gender relations (feminism) are so changing America that the Republican party is pretty much doomed.…

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Meme: This Is America

Found on the web…America is a diverse nation. The Democratic debates reflected that. There were whites and Jews and Indians and Latinos. Wake up, Republicans!

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Solving the World Water Crisis

Places like Cape Town, South Africa are running out of water due to inadequate rainfall.  The problem is it won’t just be Cape Town it will be many, many other places over time.  At some point the rain will return to that area and replenish their dam, but how do we solve all these crises…

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Wingnut Tells Yang to Go Back To China

From Newsweek, Right-wing Radio Host Says New York-born Andrew Yang ‘Should Go Back to China’: ‘Why Is He Coming Here to Turn America into the Place That He Left?’ The Right-wing host making these comments is Jesse Lee Peterson, who is apparently unaware that Yang was born in New York state. The only surprise about…

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Trump Tactic: Conspiracy Theories

From the Hill: Trump preps conspiracy theory to explain faltering economy Rather than admit he’s made mistakes, he’ll blame it all on the left, “Does President Trump have a political strategy for dealing with a downturn? It appears that he does. He’s trying to turn the economic issue into a social issue. How? By hyping…

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