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Funny, But True

You know they look exactly like this…   Trump Party rank and file trying to decide between their oath of office and the Trump loyalty pledge they signed: — OleZeb (@OleZebulon) October 23, 2019

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Don’t Bet On It

They aided and abetted a traitor. They’ll be remembered.   Rep. Justin Amash: “I think a lot of the retirements that we hear about are people who are just trying to ride out this President, and they might think of coming back into public office later on, once this President is gone.” —…

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Trump NOT The 2020 GOP Candidate?

Interesting article over on, Trump Will Not Be On the 2020 Ballot: Considerations for Stakeholders, by Rob Kall. In the piece, Kall argues that the GOP will dump Trump and try to keep the White House by running someone else. Seems unlikely, of course, but Kall thinks it will happen. He says that we…

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Peaceful Protests, and soldiers, in Lebanon

A scene from the protests in Lebanon. The soldier is weeping because he has to close a road to the protestors. But, the crowd comforts him. Will we see similar scenes in America?   [Video] Protestors and soldiers, sympathetic to each other, in Lebanon from r/Frisson  

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