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Overt Racist Withdraws From Race

Rare bit of good news. A woman running for city council of Marysville, Mich., openly said that she thought the best way to improve the city was to keep it “as white as possible.” No. We’re not making that up. The good news is that she’s since withdrawn from the race. About time. We were…

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DeVega: Trump’s Racism Will Help Him Win

Fascinating article by Chauncey DeVega over on Slate,  Still believe Trump’s racism won’t get him re-elected? That’s what you thought the last time too In the piece, DeVaga argues that more Americans than we would like to believe are solidly racist, and this will help put Trump back into the White House. Seriously scary.

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GAB Goes Down

Here’s something to brighten your day. NPR is reporting that Gab, the social networking site where the alleged Pittsburgh shooter used to post his hate-filled rants, has ceased operation, at least temporarily. It seems that its payment processors are refusing to work any longer with the site, given its association with a such a horrific act.…

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Mobs of Blacks in the Streets are Coming to Kill Whites…

Or So Trump Says…                       By Marc Keyser, TheResistance.blog Trump and his foaming-at-the-mouth rabid Republicans are threatening that if we don’t vote for Republicans there will be blood in the streets. Trump and his trolls are fear mongering scaring people with ominous threats of black mobs in the streets carrying pitchforks and Tiki torches…

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White Nationalists Are Running For Office

There was a time, not so long ago, when a white nationalist, a racist, or an overt Nazi running for political office in these United States would have been considered a fringe candidate at best, a nutcase at worst, and generally ignored in either case. Now though, emboldened by Trump’s win, they are coming out…

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They Should Be Ours

There is a fascinating article over on Vice that everyone should read. In The Terrifying Trend of White Men Radicalized Online Becoming IRL Terrorists, David Neiwert looks at how young American white males are being lured into the clutches of extreme right-wing and Nazi organizations. In an almost mirror image of the individuals who become…

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Top Pick To Replace Ryan Is a White Supremacist

Ku Klux Klan Cross Burning

Wait. What? This guy’s for real? Alas, so it seems. The leading Republican candidate in the race to take Paul Ryan’s place in Congress is a chap named Paul Nehlen, a fairly obscure non-entity who has been floating around Wisconsin politics for some time. The kicker? He is a white supremacist who’s best known for…

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Ku Koch Klan Supports Neo-Confed Professors

Looking for yet another reason to hate and fear the Koch Brothers and their massive, anti-democratic political machine? Okay, how about this? Alex Kotch writes in The Nation that Charles Koch’s The Koch Foundation is funding “neo-Confederate” and even white-supremacist professors on University campuses across the country. In How Charles Koch Is Helping Neo-Confederates Teach…

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Nazi May Be GOP Nominee

Arthur Jones, an avowed anti-Semite, Racist, and Holocaust denier is running unopposed to be the Republican candidate for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.     Wait. What? This isn’t The Onion? Nope. It seems that in Illinois, a very nice state IOHO, there is a Nazi aiming to be the GOP’s candidate for the House of…

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