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Why Black Panther is Important: An interview with Alicia Norman

Editor’s note: The movie Black Panther has been a major event in American filmmaking, both in commercial terms, and in the potential social impact of the production. To figure out why, we recently sat down with the African-American  filmmaker and animator (and occasional contributor to LiberalResistance.net), Alicia Norman to talk about the film’s meaning and…

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What Affects You?

by Michele Gabriel President Trump’s recent statement that he got the majority of the women’s vote in the 2016 election has people wondering if he flat out lied or if he really thinks 52% of the white woman votes are the only women votes that matter. I, myself, have no idea why he said it.…

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Black Panther, White Bigot

There was an intriguing article over on Splinter recently, Black Panther Is Making Conservatives Feel Profoundly Threatened by Isha Aran. She’s looked at a number of reviews of the film that were written by right-leaning reviewers. What’s she’s found, she says, is a certain class of white people is a bit concerned about Panther. It…

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Beer Blues

Beer is central to British popular culture. Which is a shame, says Luke Haines, because at least one major beer appreciation society has managed to reproduce all the racism and sexism that are the worst aspects of the UK. One of the interesting parallels between England and America is that both countries have a North/South…

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Why They Hate Him

In which Michael Jay Tucker speculates on the real reason that Drumpf and his supporters hate President Obama…    

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White Sycophants Wanted

William B. Turner Okay, he has hired a few black sycophants. One, Omarosa Manigault, recently got fired. The other, Ben Carson, has been proving his loyalty to the Trump brand lately by funneling federal contracts to relatives. His bad luck that only the president gets to enrich his family members by hiring them for jobs…

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