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Not Christians At All

Powerful op-ed piece over on the Washington Post site by Michael Gerson: Some white evangelicals are difficult to recognize as Christians at all Isn’t that the truth? If there ever is a second coming, there are going to be some very surprised “Christians” finding themselves on the wrong end of the Flaming Sword.

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Overt Racist Withdraws From Race

Rare bit of good news. A woman running for city council of Marysville, Mich., openly said that she thought the best way to improve the city was to keep it “as white as possible.” No. We’re not making that up. The good news is that she’s since withdrawn from the race. About time. We were…

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Trump-speech is deadly

From The Atlantic: Trump’s Words Are Poison “The president has done more than any politician in living memory to fan the flames of ethnic and racial antipathy and nurture a culture of bigotry.” All too true.

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Fox News: Tucker Carlson is a Racist

Ku Klux Klan Cross Burning

VirtualReality2 host and commentator Marc Keyser President Trump is responsible for the growing, racially motivated, violent extremism leading to these acts of terror threatening the day-to-day safety of Americans; and Carlson Tucker is on Fox News spreading it. Tucker Carlson is a racist peddling President Trump’s racist, white nationalist propaganda, which is spawning Trump true…

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DeVega: Trump’s Racism Will Help Him Win

Fascinating article by Chauncey DeVega over on Slate,  Still believe Trump’s racism won’t get him re-elected? That’s what you thought the last time too In the piece, DeVaga argues that more Americans than we would like to believe are solidly racist, and this will help put Trump back into the White House. Seriously scary.

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8chan Is Down…but will it stay down?

As of 5 August, the 8chan site (8ch.net) was gone from the web. Companies which had provided servers and security to the site declined to continue service, and thus the site was silenced. On the one hand, this is a very good thing. 8chan had hosted posts from virulent white nationalists and had tolerated even…

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