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Are The White Nationalists Winning?

There’s a powerful article over on the Atlantic’s website that everyone should read. In The White Nationalists Are Winning, Adam Serwer argues that White Nationalists are actually succeeding in setting the direction and tone of conservative politics today. While it may look as though they’ve been humiliated at their recent rallies, he says, the torch…

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Arizona Republican Says US Not White Enough

Ever wonder on what is really behind the appeal of Trump to a certain class of Americans. You can stop wondering, now. An Arizona State Rep., David Stringer, has just been caught on video saying that America has to stop immigration, and now, or America won’t be a white country any more. “Sixty percent of…

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Beyond Identity Politics?

Personally, I don’t know quite what to make of the current debate over “identity politics.” When I was a much younger man (as in forty years ago) it was very much the thing. Everyone in my little political circle thought that it was extremely progressive, and just what we needed to move us all along…

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Trumpism is Racist and Misogynistic

By Michael E. Berumen It is time for liberals in the broadest sense of the term to come to grips with something many have avoided, heretofore–––­­­partly from gentility, partly from denial, and partly from benign ignorance. It is obvious that to support Donald J. Trump as President of the United States is, in effect, to…

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Why Black Panther is Important: An interview with Alicia Norman

Editor’s note: The movie Black Panther has been a major event in American filmmaking, both in commercial terms, and in the potential social impact of the production. To figure out why, we recently sat down with the African-American  filmmaker and animator (and occasional contributor to LiberalResistance.net), Alicia Norman to talk about the film’s meaning and…

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