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I’m Not Ready to Make Nice

By Michael E. Berumen For nearly two years prior to the 2016 election, liberal commentators and analysts described Donald Trump’s supporters as disaffected white working-class voters or by similar appellations. These disaffected voters, they would observe, felt as though they had been left behind, that they were effectively disenfranchised and marginalized in society. They would…

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How WW3 Could Start

Before I talk about how I believe World War III could  start, I should discuss what happened after World War II.  After the end of that war, once Germany was defeated, Berlin was divided into four sections to be managed by the world powers of that time. The United States, United Kingdom, France, and Russia…

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Ivanka Promoted to Consigliere

The White House has announced that Invanka Trump’s new nepotistic official job title in the White House will be Consigliere to the President, Don the Con. Ivanka seems to have really earned this position.  By pretty much everyone’s observation she’s not near as stupid as both of her brothers.  She’s the one all the orders have…

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How The GOP Will Celebrate St. Pat’s

It’s interesting the strange way things have progressed over the last several years. This is how my mind remembers just some of it. This all started out around… What is Russia? Where is Russia? There was no covfefe with Russia. There were no deals with Russia either, at all! Well there might have been some…

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Yes to a Virtual Wall

Physical boundaries such as walls were so last century’s security crisis.  We’ve evolved now to the point that the real threat is now virtual contact.  China or Russia don’t have to be physically near us to be the real threat. Small groups of people used to be able to fend off an entire army by…

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