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Andrew Yang: What Do We Make Of Him?

Among the distressingly many candidates running for as nomination as the Democrat’s pick for president, one of the more remarkable is Andrew Yang. A complete political novice, though a high-tech business success, Yang is unusual among the candidates in that he bases his political program on what might be called futurism. He sees an America…

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But Is It Possible?

For the past two days, I’ve been writing about the Left and how it needs to, somehow, woo the Deplorables away from Trump. But is that really possible? I am now looking at some photos of Trump supporters at one of his rallies. They scream. They yell. They gesture obscenely. Their faces are twisted up…

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Crafting A Deplorable Message

Yesterday, I wrote about how Progressives might need to somehow appeal to at least some of the voters who currently support Trump. I need to add something to that. Specifically, I am now struck by the fact that the Progressive Left has done many things well, but explaining its advantages to the Deplorables who support…

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A Rationalist’s Christmas…2018

From the Editor’s Desk… So it is now Christmas, celebrated by Christians and many non-Christians around the world. I am not quite certain what I think about Christmas. I was raised outside of any religious tradition. My parents were secularists and rationalists. But we were, I suppose, what you’d call “cultural Christians.” And that meant…

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Go Beyond Liberal, Says Grijalva

Here at LR Net we’ve always struggled with the question of how far do we go? Is it enough to be a Democrat? Should we identify as Liberals? Or maybe we should go further than that, and say that we are unapologetically Progressive? Even…dare we say it…Democratic Socialists? Fortunately, wiser heads than ours have also…

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