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Bye, Bye, Private Prisons

From “Bill removes profit motive from incarceration and marks latest clash in state’s battle with Trump over treatment of immigrants” Way to go California! Now we need to remove the profit motive for health insurance companies.  More and more people WITH HEALTH INSURANCE are being denied healthcare in the name of “corporate profits.” We…

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Modern Slaves …At Your Expense

There is a powerful article over on the Daily Beast this week, $800 Million in Taxpayer Money Went to Private Prisons Where Migrants Work for Pennies by Spencer Ackerman and Adam Rawnsley. In it, the two journalists look at how undocumented workers are being held in private, for-profit prisons—at the cost of a cool $800…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

As always in an era of Trumpian insanity, it has been a wild week. Among the stories we’re following on the web are: Just in case you missed it, there’s an amusing development over at Twitter, where @realDonaldTrump makes his intellectual home. According to Sam Wolfson of the Guardian, 45 may no longer block anyone…

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ICE: The American Gestapo

By Angela West   Editor’s note: This week we are honored to have a new writer among us, Angela West. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, History and Culture Program. She has a B.A. from Southern Oregon University in history and an M.A. from Drew University specializing…

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