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Deval Patrick…NO

Deval Patrick is said to be about to run for President as a Democrat. Frankly, that would be a mistake. Nothing against him, but we already have too many Democratic candidates as it is. We need fewer, not more of them. So, Deval, please…reconsider.

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Exploring the “Moral Rot” ….

Image Source: marcn ( …of Today’s Capitalism with Marianne Williamson By Todd Telford At a recent interview in Iowa, presidential candidate Marianne Williamson dove deep into a glaring truth in American politics today: money and greed have driven us from the moral path set forth by our founders. This deviation stems from the domination of…

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Tulsi Gabbard for President

Editor’s Note: Over the next few months, we will be asking our regular contributors who they favor for president in 2020. Today, Chris Madsen gives us his choice, and it is Tulsi Gabbard, from his own home state. Stay tuned to see other selections from other of our writers. Tulsi Gabbard will be running for…

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