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Poem: Spent Shell

At one point I was so proud to serve, Wearing my battle dress, Ready for the call to duty, A call only so many can hear, But what do we do when we can no longer answer the call. What purpose do we have, Our battle dress no longer needed, Our efforts spent like gun…

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Off With His Head

“Off with his head!” said the King of Dark Hearts. “Off with President Xi Jinping’s head!” “Off with China’s head!” “Off with Fed Chairman Powell’s head!” Said the King of Magaland

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I Am Not the Bird Who Eats the Mayfly

I am not the bird who eats the mayfly. I am not the grass-snake approaching in silence to feed itself on the frog. I am not the arms merchant, selling deadly weapons to the Saudis who are destroying a country where a child  strives to survive, though all skin and bones with legs as thin…

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Carrot-top: A Prophecy

by Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant       Carrot-top With seeming deliberation Will soon begin to flop Spelling his own demise Politically, at first; mortally, at last Nevermore to rise The mournfully credulous Or the irretrievably hateful A stubborn growing populace Momentarily sustain his posture Staunchly lending shoulders To stay his eventual rupture Flawed and…

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What’s Happening in Maga-land?

By Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant Brought-up to think it can’t happen here But why not here as anywhere? We’re, too, of the human race Think to find refuge in outer-space? Alas! There’s nowhere else for us to be There’s nowhere else for us to see Left on this shore of humanity How to be or…

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