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I Am Not the Bird Who Eats the Mayfly

I am not the bird who eats the mayfly. I am not the grass-snake approaching in silence to feed itself on the frog. I am not the arms merchant, selling deadly weapons to the Saudis who are destroying a country where a child  strives to survive, though all skin and bones with legs as thin…

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Carrot-top: A Prophecy

by Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant       Carrot-top With seeming deliberation Will soon begin to flop Spelling his own demise Politically, at first; mortally, at last Nevermore to rise The mournfully credulous Or the irretrievably hateful A stubborn growing populace Momentarily sustain his posture Staunchly lending shoulders To stay his eventual rupture Flawed and…

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What’s Happening in Maga-land?

By Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant Brought-up to think it can’t happen here But why not here as anywhere? We’re, too, of the human race Think to find refuge in outer-space? Alas! There’s nowhere else for us to be There’s nowhere else for us to see Left on this shore of humanity How to be or…

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