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The 1% Gets More

How long before we have a revolution? Asking for a friend.   From CNBC: Millionaires now hold nearly half of the world’s wealth    

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David Koch Is Dead

From After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain David Koch Dead at 79 Well, now… Don’t think we can top that headline. So, we’ll just leave it at that.

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He was a nice guy with a bunch of answers. They wanted to kill him. Could she keep him alive? Fiction by Victor Storiguard.

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A Few Sane Proposals for America

We could end most American involved wars if we had a smaller paid standing military and the first to come up for draft were the children of the richest families. Many aren’t actually working so they do have the time.  Or due to their privilege they could easily resume their position if they ever come…

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Betsy DeVos: Educated Idiot

My father used to tell me a story about his youth. When he left the navy, he went back to work for a while at an aircraft factory in Wichita, Kansas. (Wichita is, btw, the nation’s capital when it comes to small and private plane manufacturing. Beechcraft, Cessna, and Learjet, all had their start there.)…

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