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Found On The Web: Bobby Goodlatte

Bobby Goodlatte is the son of Bob Goodlatte, a GOP Congressman and Trump Toad. The son, however, is nothing like the father, and has actually been working to support Goodlatte Sr.’s rival, Jennifer Lewis. Now, he has taken on his father’s…and Trump’s …role in the firing of Peter Strzok. Bravo Mr. Goodlatte. The younger one,…

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Strzok Spreads Gowdy On Toast

So if you haven’t seen it already, check out the video of FBI agent Peter Strzok turning a bunch of Republicans (and particularly Trey Gowdy) into so much chopped liver. The GOP, and particularly Gowdy, had planned on making Strzoktheir poster boy for the Deep State. The problem? Strzok is as tough as nails and…

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