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Here’s To You, Mr. 45?

We haven’t heard from the Parody Project for a while. But they’re back and better than ever with MR FORTY-FIVE, a parody of the Simon and Garfunkel classic, Mrs. Robinson. The musical group does a surprisingly good version of the tune, but this time the subject is not a sexy Cougar but our own Orange-colored…

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Parody Project Says Don’t Worry (be happy)

The Parody Project, a skilled band(?) of musical pranksters, has been busy again. This time, they’ve done a take-off on Bobby McFarren’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” The cover sounds pretty much like the original, except that instead of McFarren’s lyrics, we have instead references to Trump and the horrific world that Orange-brained horror is bringing…

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Trump Vs. Aliens: A Trip Into Pure Nuttiness

Okay, have you had it up to there with right wing nutcases going on, and on, and on about their favorite conspiracy theories? Absolutely exasperated by their nonsensical babbling about Illuminati, UFOs, Multiverses, Baby-Eating Lizard People in rubber human suits…? Us, too. However, we’ve got with us today a satirical writer who can give ‘em…

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Hallelujah for the NRA!

Last time we visited the parody music group, Parody Project, we did so with the proverbial tear in our eye. Okay. It wasn’t so proverbial. The tear was real enough. The Project had just done a heartbreaking tribute to the victims of the Parkland mass murder. But, this time, we’re happy to report that they’ve…

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Drumpf’s Cover Of…Havana?

Singing Trump

We here at LR Net are happy to reveal that we have stumbled across a genius. Specifically, Maestro Ziikos, who does things with sound and video editing that seem utterly impossible, but somehow, dear heaven, he pulls them off. In particular, you must now, right this very moment, go watch the video below, in which,…

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