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John Oliver Says “Fuck You, Bob”

So, this is funny. In 2017, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight did a piece on coal company CEO Bob Murray. Murray promptly sued him and HBO. The suit, according to Oliver and other observers, seems to have been part of a larger strategy to silence critics with threats of expensive legal action. This has…

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Plan B and Plan C

Well, “Plan A” didn’t work out so well.  That whole idea about the Senate as part of the Legislative Branch being a check to Presidential power apparently just doesn’t work out so well when they’ve all been bought by Russia. So maybe Plan B should be for a bunch of the American people to mail…

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Parody Project: impeachment!

The Parody Project, the political musical “group” that takes on tRump at every opportunity, is at it again. Check out their Impeachment, which is based on Should I Stay Or Should I Go. In it, the group asks Congress what’s it going be; impeachment or not. If we just vote a bit in 2020, that…

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Video: Mar-A-Largoville

Once more, the Parody Project has done an hysterical music video trashing the Orange One. This time it is MAR-A-LAGO-VILLE, in which Trump sings to the tune of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. So definitely, give it a watch. And remember, you can help Parody Project at their website.    

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14. The Ladies Of Laketown

Editor’s Note: In this, the final episode of Luke Haines’ comic series, the women of Laketown decide they’ve had just about enough, thank you very much. “Jeeeeeeeeesus,” I winced as I sat up. At least I appeared to be in a tent this time. There’s no party like an after-battle party, especially a multi-species after-battle…

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