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Vote! Vote! Vote!

More from The Parody Project! And remember, they’re right. Everything does depend on voter turnout. So get out there and vote, Vote, VOTE!    

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Vote The Bastards Out

The Parody Project, a.k.a. the Spooky Men’s Chorus, has some great advice to offer on this date, so close to Election Day. Specifically, Vote The Bastards Out. Sounds like a very good idea.   Here’s the video in an embedded player. Enjoy.  

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Parody Project Says Don’t Worry (be happy)

The Parody Project, a skilled band(?) of musical pranksters, has been busy again. This time, they’ve done a take-off on Bobby McFarren’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” The cover sounds pretty much like the original, except that instead of McFarren’s lyrics, we have instead references to Trump and the horrific world that Orange-brained horror is bringing…

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Parody Project’s Take On Tom Petty

Remember Parody Project? The musical “group” that does inspired and politically charged covers of major pop songs? Covers which, strangely enough, are really rather good? Well, they’re back. They’ve just done a rather hysterical take off on the late Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” but taking as a theme the current Trumpian…

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Parody Project Offers Its Version of “Battle”

The Parody Project is back! The comic musical “group” (which sometimes consists of one person wearing multiple disguises, and other times doesn’t) has returned with another laugh-out-loud funny, and very disturbing, musical performance. This time it’s a parody of The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, updated to reflect current conditions. As always, the Project’s efforts…

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Hallelujah for the NRA!

Last time we visited the parody music group, Parody Project, we did so with the proverbial tear in our eye. Okay. It wasn’t so proverbial. The tear was real enough. The Project had just done a heartbreaking tribute to the victims of the Parkland mass murder. But, this time, we’re happy to report that they’ve…

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