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Force Fox To Fire Hannity and Ingraham

BOYCOTT FOX NEWS ADVERTISER “MY PILLOW.”   By Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.Blog Fox News host Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle attacked Parkland student, David Hogg, and he fired back with a boycott of Fox News advertisers. In the aftermath of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on…

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Will David Hogg be the death of Fox News?

by Marc Keyser, TheResisance.Blog@ogkeyser Parkland Student David Hogg called for a boycott of Fox News advertisers in response to the vicious attacks on him and the anti-NRA movement. Fox is determined to keep right-wing-extremist Laura Ingraham on the air. Apparently, losing millions of dollars in advertising revenue is not convincing enough. We need to see…

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Abolish the Anachronistic Second Amendment!

animated GIF of flaming gun

By Michael E. Berumen For some years now, after one horrific mass-shooting and another, many liberals begin their lamentations and calls for more reasonable gun control with a de rigueur introductory qualification, “I support the Second Amendment, but…” or “I support the right to bear arms and I own weapons myself, but…” Here are my…

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Russian Bots Attack Parkland Students

Vicious attacks on Parkland Survivor David Hogg are not going so save Fox News  by Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.Blog Fox News host, Laura Ingraham has her hair on fire after mocking Parkland survivor David Hogg. David is a 17 years old, and Ingraham attacked him on air for not being accepted to the top…

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The NRA, Killbots, & Madness

This one is …complicated. It is going to be about the NRA, in all its glory, but also about a science fiction story that I read years and years ago. It…I mean the story…was all about dying. Which means that it had a certain prescience to it. As the best of science fiction often does.…

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Fox Hunting

   Parkland student hits media giant Fox News with a Phone Protest…and kills advertising income. By Marc Keyser, author of This sensational news event is a modern day a David and Goliath saga. Fox News star Laura Ingraham, who is famous for her propaganda supporting President Trump’s authoritarian regime, fearlessly attacked a teenage Parkland Survivor,…

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NRA Money

By Marc Keyser Force Congress to pass gun control… just cost them MONEY.     LOVE THINE ENEMY Call Bank of America 954-227-6696 shower them with love, jam their phones, cost them MONEY to Force Congress to pass common-sense gun laws… in a hell of a hurry. A million people marched on Washington in support of the…

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School Shootings: WHY?!

By P.C. April 20, 1999.  How many of us remember where we were when we heard the news that 2 students with guns had come into Columbine High School and killed 12 students, one teacher, injured 21 other students, and then killed themselves?   What was school like when you attended?  I’m a 73 year…

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The NRA and Scary Monsters

When I was a little boy, I was very fond of giant monster movies. You know the sort. The ones with men in rubber suits pretending to be a hundred feet tall. Later, of course, I realized how ridiculous they were. But, at the time, they seemed genuinely terrifying. And I was always a sucker…

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