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Mysterious Explosions in Russia

News outlets are reporting that mysterious explosions have occurred at a military ammunition depot in Siberia. This the second unexplained explosion to have occurred in Russia this week. Videos of the blast (see below) seem to show an enormous mushroom cloud. The Russians are saying that a small number people have been hurt or killed…

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Russia’s View Of Nuclear War

Most Western countries like the United States and most of Europe traditionally have looked at nuclear war as an option of last resort.  These countries seem to have a better understand that nuclear war would be devastating and has the potential to end all human life on earth.  They also understand that millions if not…

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They Just Wanna NUKE Somethun’

Interesting, scary article over on the Washington Post, Trump is quietly leading us closer to nuclear disaster by Steven Andreasen, who was “the director for defense policy and arms control on the National Security Council staff from 1993 to 2001.” In it, Andreasen looks at how tRump and his Rumpskins (like Bolton) have weakened every…

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Nuke Holocaust Coming

There’s a terrifying article on the Foreign Affairs site this month. In The Vanishing Nuclear Taboo? How Disarmament Fell Apart, Nina Tannenwald recounts the depressing story of how we went from a push toward total nuclear disarmament under Obama, to a rush to a new generation of ever more destructive nuclear weapons. Who is to…

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The Man In The Singapore Sling

The current issue of the New York Review of Books (16 August, 2018) has several interesting articles on life in the Trumpian Age. One of my favorites is Singapore Sham, by Jessica T. Matthews. In it, Matthews looks at the disastrous meeting between Trump and Kim Jon-un. Her conclusion is a question: Is Trump lying…

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The Idiot King Abandons Iran Deal

And surprising absolutely no one, Trump today announced that he was pulling out of the deal with Iran to limit that nation’s nuclear weapons. It is one of those moments to which future historians will point and say, “Yep, that’s pretty freaking stupid, all right.” I’m not even going to write anything about it because…

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