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Notes From A Drying, And Dying, Land

Readers may know that LR Net’s home office, such as it is, is in the great state of New Mexico. You may also know that New Mexico is an arid place. Technically, we live in a high mountain desert, which can be both cold and dry. These features give the state a strange but genuine…

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A Streetcar Named Disaster: Part 5

Editor’s note: this is the final piece in our series about the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) system. This fiasco was foisted on the city by Republican Mayor and a Republican Administration that claimed it was financially sound and fiscally responsible… When, in fact, it made the most “tax and spend” liberal look restrained by comparison.…

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Meet Pete Dinelli

Pete Dinelli is a political commentator based in New Mexico. We are taking a moment to introduce him, and to suggest you check out his blog site because he’s damn good. But please hurry back here to LR Net. We’d miss you if you didn’t. As you know, LR Net is based in Albuquerque, NM.…

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A Streetcar Named Disaster

1. This story is the beginning of a series of stories. The series will deal with an abject and total disaster. It will appear irregularly over the next few weeks, maybe months, as the situation requires. And it will tell a tale of hubris, and incompetence in high places, and of a Republican mayor who…

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Paul Moya: From Farm To Congress

Editor’s note: To quote the great Tip O’Neil, all politics is local. For this reason, LR Net frequently covers state and local races around the nation. This week, we’re looking a candidate in our very own state of New Mexico, Paul Moya, who is running to be the Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District…

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