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Adelson: “Netanyahu’s Nuts”

It is hard for a liberal to feel all warm and fuzzy about Shelly Adelson, the bloated billionaire who has been a major source of funding for many a Right-Wing cause. But, here’s something that might just warm the heart of us all. According to Haaretz, he and his wife have abandoned Israeli Prime Minister…

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Trump and Netanyahu: Two Demagogues of Identical Stripe

1. Both, having committed criminal acts, are avoiding trial and possible imprisonment by virtue of their currently held high office, but fully cognizant that if either loses his re-election, the feared eventuality might become realized.   2. Both are self-portrayed leaders with global reach by meeting with  heads of nuclear-armed states; Trump, with Kim Jong…

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Sanders Says We Need To Look At Israel

Bernie Sanders is, once again, rushing in where angels fear to tread. Or, at least, where American political candidates fear to tread. He is openly saying that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people is oppressive. That this is dangerous, to say the least, is obvious. American political figures have traditionally voiced unquestioning support of Israel,…

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Netanyahu: Friend or Foe?

There was a fascinating if very troubling article over on The Intercept’s site recently, Why Do So Many Denounce Authoritarianism From Trump and Putin — but Not Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu? by Mehdi Hasan. In it, Mr. Hasan looks at Netanyahu’s activities as a political figure, and comes away with rather a bad taste in his…

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