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8chan Is Down…but will it stay down?

As of 5 August, the 8chan site ( was gone from the web. Companies which had provided servers and security to the site declined to continue service, and thus the site was silenced. On the one hand, this is a very good thing. 8chan had hosted posts from virulent white nationalists and had tolerated even…

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Gaslighting and Gas Chambers

If you’re unlucky enough to have ever had to deal with a pathological liar, you’ll probably be familiar with the term “gaslighting.” It’s named for the 1938 play (and subsequent movies) “Gas Light,” in which an emotionally abusive husband tries to drive his wife to madness, initially by constantly changing the lighting conditions in their…

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The Nation: The USA Is Way Too Close To Ukrainian Nazis

Editor’s Note: Stephen F. Cohen, a professor of Russian Studies and Politics, has argued that the USA is far too forgiving of Fascistic parties in Ukraine. The following piece by the writer who uses the pen name “Andreas” explores that argument. However, we should note that there are also positive aspects of Ukrainian politics. See,…

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Neo-Nazis and Violent Police: A Love Story

It’s not been a good week for Liberals and human rights activists. On Saturday, 21 April, Neo-Nazis held a rally in the town of Newnan, Ga. At the rally, they erected a large swastika and an Othala Rune and burned them, the way that the KKK burns crosses. That, believe it or not, is the…

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