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U.S. Losing Friends and Allies

What’s Trump’s effect on American power around the world? Highly negative. Check out this piece in Foreign Policy News: US lost important military allies in the Middle East , “Two major NATO allies, Germany and France, turned their backs on the United States. Berlin and Paris refused to form a coalition against Iran and send…

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An Open Letter to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Aloha, I would like to clear up one thing, you are beautiful.  You are also loved by so many of the American and British people.  Someone truly hated by the majority of Americans and by the majority of the British people is very jealous of that fact. Unfortunately, in this world we have people like…

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Flash: tRump Wants To Leave NATO

News Flash: just in case you missed it in all the other insanity coming from 45’s White House, Trump is seriously considering pulling the United States out of  NATO, the military organization which kept Europe at peace and free from the Soviet threat for nearly half a century. The scary thing is that it makes…

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